Free Enneagram Tests

Enneagram Institute RHETI sample
Scroll down the page to find the test. It's an excerpt from the longer, paid version of the RHETI test, the only certified Enneagram type indicator to date. I found this shorter test about as accurate as the full version - there are very high chances that your real type is among the first three highest scores.

Enneagram Institute QUEST test
This is a very short paragraph-based test, in which you have to choose which descriptions fit you best and least from two different groups. The results are sorted by probability in three categories. The greatest advantage of this test is that it won't take more than 10 minutes to complete.

Eclectic Energies classical test
This test is pretty long, but highly accurate. One of the best you'll find online and my personal favorite.

Eclectic Energies test w/ instinctual variants
A shorter version, based on word choice. I found it a bit less accurate than the classical test.

Quizfarm test
This test is one of the best I ever took. It's highly accurate and it also comes up with something new - it splits type 6 into phobic and counterphobic in the results.

The Duniho Enneagram Test
The triad-based Enneagram questionnaire created by Fergus Duniho. Brief, yet amazingly accurate, this test is taking a different approach to type inventory. Highly recommended.

Similarminds short test
A short test with high accuracy. Some questions were a bit redundant though.

Similarminds advanced test
A comprehensive instrument with very high accuracy, the longer version of the above test.

Similarminds word test
A word choice test, faster to take but still accurate.

Similarminds instinctual variant indicator
This test only indicates your instinctual variant - I found it very accurate, and it's very short.

Stanford Inventory (aka SEDIG)
This is said to be one of the most accurate personality indicators available. Follow the instructions in the link and pick out three paragraphs that characterize you best - there is an above 80% chance that your main type is among them.

Enneagram Questionnaire [new]
This questionnaire has 108 items and you will have to compute the results yourself, using the table at the end of the document.

The EnneaGraph
An accurate tool for finding your Enneagram type, it also represents your results graphically and splits each type's characteristics into resourceful / non-resourceful traits (in order to measure the health of the type).

GSH Enneagram Survey [new]
Some of the items in this questionnaire are quite original and insightful. Although it will only give you the main type in the result (no distribution of the scores and no wing), it's still definitely worth taking.

LightShifter Enneagram Questionnaires [new]
This website offers nine separate questionnaires, one for each Enneagram type. It doesn't however memorize your scores so you'll have to note them down each time you finish one set and decide your type by looking at your highest score(s). Also a nice feature is their Enneagram Piechart Generator, where you can input the scores obtained for each type and it will represent them graphically - showing percentages for Coping Styles, Social Styles, Intelligence Triads etc.

Selectsmart test 1
Another Enneagram test with reliable results

Selectsmart test 2
This test is said to verify the results of the previous one, but I suppose it's a good enough by itself as well.

Personality Online test
A longer test with reliable results.

Handprint test with funny profiles
This quick test is all right - it's short and painless, and the profiles are quite funny but nonetheless insightful.

9types new test
It turned out quite inaccurate for me, but maybe it'll help you more than it helped me.

Test Cafe Enneagram
A good test, my only complaint is that it only shows your highest score result (not good if you want to find out your wing as well).


Anonymous said…
Thank you for this Blog. Have just completed my Enneagram accreditation workshop and searching the internet for questionnaires - finding references to them in one space - you Blog!
Aware said…
Thank you for this list. Many of them are useful tools also similar to MBTI-approach.
Aware said…
Thank you for this list. Many of them are useful tools also similar to MBTI-approach.

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