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PSTypes Enneagram Test

This is a new free Enneagram test I have developed. It has 171 items and it will take you about 20 minutes to complete.

The accuracy of the final version of the test is rather high, considering the data so far. The sample consisted of 198 people that had previously decided on their Enneagram type (of course, all 9 Enneatypes were represented in the sample).

The highest score indicated the correct type in 82,6% of the cases. The main type was among the first two highest scores in 95,6% of the cases, and among the first three in 97,2% of the cases.
I will make updates of the test's accuracy as I gather more data, but I don't expect radical changes to the figures. Part I: SelectionCheck all the traits that you think apply to you:

PragmaticAestheticDetachedClumsySpontaneousPowerfulIndulgentNit-pickingSentimentalSelf-promotingCapriciousReserved AlertJokerVigorousPatient PrincipledDemonstrativeGo-getterDramaticReceptiveIngeniousRigorousWarm-heartedExuberantReactiveVindictiveArrogantIsol…

Enneagram Tritype Descriptions: Type Five

This is a list of descriptions for all the Enneagram Tritypes of type Five: it explores the flavours that each tritype configuration can bring to this type. Therefore they are by no means complete depictions of type Five and must be viewed as additions and orientations of the main characteristics of the leading type (which will remain fundamental).

If you are a type Five and have decided on your tritype as well, feel free to leave a comment on how you experience it and how well the specific description fits you. There is always room for improvement.

5-2-1: these Fives enjoy using their knowledge and expertise in the benefit of others and are typically attracted to humanitarian causes. They are more altruistic and generous than other Fives and also more social, involved and controlling. They want to help other people and usually do it by teaching them how to help themselves – they can make good teachers. However they have some trouble with acknowledging their own problems and needs and…

Enneagram and Myers Briggs on TV Shows

One of the easiest way to apply one's Enneagram and Myers Briggs theoretical knowledge is to study and type the characters on TV shows. Unlike movies which are usually too short to allow for thorough development of its characters' personalities, TV series manage to provide us with consistent examples of many different types which can be observed at length and in a larger number of situations.

A plus for fictional typology is that usually the people who conceive and write out these characters tend to 'lend' their personality types to their creations (to a lesser or greater extent anyway). This is a good thing for typing, because it gives authenticity and coherence to the fictional personalities and thus makes them easier to accurately analyze and pinpoint. Also another great plus can be the fact that more often than not, the actors also share the same personality type (or at least a wing) with the characters they're playing (what are auditions for?), so when this h…

A Thorough Enneagram Test

I've recently come across a really thorough Enneagram test, which gives strikingly similar results to the official RHETI instrument. It has 180 questions (items) that you have to evaluate on a scale of 0 to 3, depending on how well each describes you.

You can download it here (it's an Excel document):
Enneagram Test v.5

Remember, this is quite a long test - it will probably take about an hour to complete. The good part is, you can save it and continue it whenever you have time. The results can be verified as you take the test (they're computed on the 2nd sheet of the document).

Hope you enjoy it, and leave a comment with your opinion if you like.

Incompatibility of Myers Briggs Types

Besides Myers Briggs compatibility models, there are also several theories on the incompatibility of the types that emerged at the same time and have been long studied by psychologists and couple therapists in order to decide their viability. I will present three of them which appear to be the most popular. How reliable they actually are, is something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Interaction Styles Incompatibility

This theory is based on the Interaction Styles model, which proposes four main categories in which the 16 types are grouped. It is based on four preferred ways of social interacting and it’s usually very helpful in explaining and improving team work dynamics. For more clarity I will summarize each of these categories and tell you where each type fits:

Chart-the-Course: INFJ, ISTJ, INTJ, ISTP
These types are usually talented at planning and determining a feasible couse of action for attaining a certain goal. They’re usually analytical and conceptualizing and shine at for…

Duniho Enneagram Test

Today I've been quite busy - I've went through the Internet archives at WayBackMachine and managed to find the original Duniho Enneagram test (which has been offline for quite some time now). It didn't compute the results anymore so I had to take a look at the source code and do a bit of re-programming.

It now works, and you can take it here for free. Enjoy!

1. Which do people admire most about you?My confidenceMy imaginationMy loyalty2. Which do you most agree with?Crying is for sissiesPhysical needs are such a nuisanceNobody likes a smart alec3. Which best describes you?I tend to flaunt fashionI either set fashion or ignore itI tend to keep up with fashion4. Which do you most agree with?I can easily forget about my physical needs when I'm focused on somethingI can easily put my feelings aside when I need toI can easily put aside logic when the moment calls for it5. Which best describes you?Easy-goingTemperamentalObjective6. Which best describes you?I like to follow…