Duniho Enneagram Test

Today I've been quite busy - I've went through the Internet archives at WayBackMachine and managed to find the original Duniho Enneagram test (which has been offline for quite some time now). It didn't compute the results anymore so I had to take a look at the source code and do a bit of re-programming.

It now works, and you can take it here for free. Enjoy!

1. Which do people admire most about you?
2. Which do you most agree with?
3. Which best describes you?
4. Which do you most agree with?
5. Which best describes you?
6. Which best describes you?
7. Which best describes you?
8. Assuming that ability is not at issue, which government position would best suit you?
9. Which best describes you?
10. Which best describes you?
11. How do you usually handle your anger towards someone?
12. Which best describes how you live your life?
13. Which best characterizes you?
14. Which best describes you?
15. Which best describes you?
16. Which best describes you?
17. Which are you generally most aware of?
18. Which best describes your emotional life?
19. Which best describes you?
20. Which is usually the biggest hurdle for you
21. Which best describes your leadership style
22. Assuming that ability is not at issue, which newspaper position would best suit you?
23. Which best describes you?
24. Which do you seem to use most frequently?
25. How do you tend to deal with life?
26. Assuming that education is not an issue, which kind of work would you be best at?
27. Which do you tend to focus on most?
28. Which do you most typically feel?


Mizmar said…
I got 9w8, 4w5, 5w4 tied in first place (at 12 each). It said that, considering my wings, I should be a 9w8, a 4w5, or a 5w4.

I got a similar result at http://www.eclecticenergies.com:
Wing 4w5 - 12.5
Wing 9w8 - 12
Wing 5w4 - 11.5
Wing 9w1 - 10.5

I'm surprised I test so high on 9w8 as it's not a subtype I identify with much. (I see more of myself in the 9w1 descriptions.)

I guess my 5 connection to point 8 is influencing the result.
Alyosha said…
5w6. Yes indeed.

Thanks for rescuing this!
INTP said…
You're welcome!

I got 5 with balanced wings, which is the same result I obtained with the full RHETI instrument (which is paid).

This is a highly accurate test, given its few questions.

It works by sorting your preferences in four Enneagram groups: Hornevian groups, Intelligence triads, Coping styles and Hierarchical styles and draws the result from intersecting them. This is quite different from other tests and I as far as I can tell, it's very effective: quick and accurate.
CJ said…
I came out as 9w8, which is accurate (8 scores slightly higher than 1, which is also accurate). Interesting test.
Anonymous said…
I thought it was interesting, maybe you have an idea...

From reading about the types, I find that I identify most with 5, and I've had others who are more familiar with this type me as 5w6. On this I scored as a 6 with balanced wings...I think I may be dominant social, however, as I'm not a "solitary" person, so maybe this had something to do with my score.

What are some characteristics of a social 5 as compared to other types?
INTP said…
Usually social Fives are more concerned with their social status and what they contribute to their world. They also like to belong to competent groups and even secret, elitist societies. What really appeals to them is the rare knowledge that can only be gained by the few who have access to such organizations.

They are however just as secretive and reserved as the other instinctual variants. They like their privacy and solitude just like the rest. Probably the most open and friendly of them is the sexual Five (the sx/so).

In any case, not all Fives are isolated hermits - some of them have normal social lives and even a group of good friends. But they will still hesitate to reveal too much of themselves to anyone and will still very much enjoy their required extended alone time.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
This was my test result:
"Your main type is probably 7

Considering the wings, you should be a 7 with balanced wings"

I looked it up on wiki and wow was it accurate!!
Fergus Duniho said…
How did you get ahold of the source code with the Wayback Machine? I thought it didn't reveal PHP code. Anyway, you are using my test without my permission. Also, it is not designed to tell what someone's wing is, and you are providing results without the qualifiers and caveats I wrote. Please take it down.
INTP said…
Mr. Duniho, I understand your concern and I will not keep your test on my blog if you do not wish me to.

But before taking it down, I want to know if there is any way we could work this out without having to delete the test. Perhaps linking to your blog or website or otherwise providing the qualifiers that you mentioned, or maybe both?

Your Enneagram test is one of the best that have ever been online for free, and the fact that it is no longer available anywhere is such a pity and a loss.

I hope we can come to an agreement and I'm waiting for your reply.
Von Hase said…
I've taken several different Enneagram quizzes online. I have gotten quite varied results... 1, 2, 4, 8, etc. so I don't hold a lot of stock in the accuracy many of those quizzes.

This quiz types me as an 8w9, and from what I've read about the description of the various types I've scored as, it's the closest.

Looks like this quiz is accurate, for me at least. I like the approach.
Christy said…
I'm so glad you made a new test. This one typed me so far off in primary type that it was absolutely hilarious. It said I was a 7w6, which is probably my least-likely type. I presume it's because I answered some questions with quite an optimistic attitude. To be fair, it did say my next three were 5, 4, and 9, which is accurate.
dude1984 said…
This is without any doubt the worst Enneagram test I have ever taken. I have taken a lot of tests, and I have never finished so low on 5, 7, or 9 or score type 1 as my highest type.
Anonymous said…
4w5, exactly as identified previously even though I didn't realise what an Enneagram was until the result lol
l.michael said…
Just now did this test, for grins, not insight, 'cos over many, many years of testing, reflection and self-analysis I'm solidly affirmed in my type – with which my score-distribution [here: http://imgur.com/CqpZLmF ] fully accords. Its final typing of me as a 5w4 is accurate. Friendly, reliable test!
Unknown said…
i think my score was okay,i was thinking it was going to be more crazy but it turned out good. i really needed this test.

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