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Enneagram and Myers Briggs on TV Shows

One of the easiest way to apply one's Enneagram and Myers Briggs theoretical knowledge is to study and type the characters on TV shows. Unlike movies which are usually too short to allow for thorough development of its characters' personalities, TV series manage to provide us with consistent examples of many different types which can be observed at length and in a larger number of situations.

A plus for fictional typology is that usually the people who conceive and write out these characters tend to 'lend' their personality types to their creations (to a lesser or greater extent anyway). This is a good thing for typing, because it gives authenticity and coherence to the fictional personalities and thus makes them easier to accurately analyze and pinpoint. Also another great plus can be the fact that more often than not, the actors also share the same personality type (or at least a wing) with the characters they're playing (what are auditions for?), so when this h…