Free Jungian Type Tests

Jungian types are similar in theory to Myers Briggs types.

Note that the Myers-Briggs® type can only be achieved by taking the authentic Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

HumanMetrics Test
This is one of the most popular tests online, it's not one of my personal favourites but it's not very long and is sufficiently accurate.

Kisa Personality Test
This is an interesting test with more uncommon questions. It's rather accurate and it also gives you the "in-between" option.

SimilarMinds Short Test
A very short test (48 questions), but nonetheless one of the most accurate that I have taken.

SimilarMinds Word Test
In this test you are given 70 words and you have to decide to what extent they characterize you.

SimilarMinds Word Choice Test
Very short, very accurate : just 24 pairs of words.

Kersey Temperament Sorter
This is a very professional and accurate personality test that is being offered to you for free (you will have to register with their site though). Unfortunately the free results will only specify your temperament (SP, SJ, NF or NT). You have to pay for the full typing.

TeamTechology Test
An innovative test based on non-standard questions. The results include all the types and how much each of them fits you (in percentages).

Personality Test Center
68 well-written questions and an accurate instrument for figuring out your Jungian type. I found the answer options easy to choose from which is rare.

Ithaca MB Test
This is a short and reliable test.

BBC Test
A 20-question quick and effective test that also includes the viewing/analysis of one of Dali's paintings.

This is the test developed by Fergus Duniho. It has 107 questions, among which some issues are supplimentary - mainly discrimiating between the cognitive functions - designed to refine your results. It's highly accurate but remember it's a longer test so it'll take you about 40 minutes+ to do it.

Jung test on GoddessFlight [new]
I found this test interesting and somewhat refreshing - it has 80 items which are better described than in other questionnaires. The results are reliable as well.

WatchWord Test
A very innovative word-association test that seeks to discover the innermost and mainly unconscious workings of your mind in order to determine your Jungian type. It didn't give me very accurate results, but the techinique is so intriguing that I can't but recommend it, at least for the fun of it. Don't forget to press the 'START' button so you are given the instructions.

As the name presents it, it's a 41-question test with reliably accurate results.

MyPersonality Test
This is a very good test, but you will have to register with their site in order to take it.

WorldPersonality Test
Another Jungian test, equally well-scored.

The Insight Game
This test is set as a game of cards, to make it more fun (?!). Well apart from the doubtful graphical interface, it can be considered as a satisfying type indicator.

Fudjack/Dinkelaker Functional Preferences Instrument
Now I liked this test very much. The results will give you the scoring for each of the 4 letter types (N,S,T,F) and according to the order of importance that you give them, they suggest four main types your real one is most probably among. Most of the questions and the answer variants are different and original.

The Gray-Wheelwright
Yet another respectable Jung test.

Blogthings Test [new]
A short (40 questions) test.


Unknown said…
Thanks I'm an INTP as well and this was super helpful!
Starrynight said…
Excellent blog!, you collected all web tests in one and so much more ...gj INTJ-Lawyer
Anonymous said…
Thankyou you site is excellent
Yaylah said…
very helpful :D I'm an INFP though i did get ENFP a couple of time the INFP profile fits me best. :D oh and i love that flippy card one cuz it's really different from the rest and more fun :D
Liz said…
wow, thanks for such an in-depth run down of all the free to take tests out there :)
Anonymous said…
Some of the links don't work now - BBC test is closed.

Ithaca MB Test link does not work.
Unknown said…
wow!! thanks for sharing this here..

Free Personality Quizzes
S.C. Wallace said…
Hey! I'm an ENFJ (Enegizer), Extrovert, Intuitive, Judging, and Feeling type of person...which I kind of already knew. I'm in my last semester of studying Forensic Psychology :)
Anonymous said…
Even the most accurate tests of these kind are apparently only 70% accurate. So you have to do good tests - diffetent ones - lots of times to be accurate. I noticed a lot of people think they are an "estj or infp" but some personalities like an infp and infj are in reality quite rare. Its easy to confuse one personality with another in many cases, which is what makes most tests unreliable for me. They can have some reliability, but its not wise to just read a profile and assume "yep that sounds like me, I must have that personality." In reality its more complex and some people may have been classified as the wrong one or they may actually be a mix of more than one type (I know people who dont really fit into jyst one type and can change between 2-4 different types based on their personality). Nevertheless these type of quizzes and ideas are fun!
Anonymous said…
I realize this post is a couple years old, but I found the tests very helpful and I enjoyed taking them all. I scored the same all the way through the tests; INFP. I really liked taking the different styled tests, especially the word association one because it cinched even more for me that my type is truly INFP. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the comprehensive list of tests! I've been looking for these all over the place. I'm a cross between INTP/J though, the results keep alternating...
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much and i am ENFP who lives in NEw Zealand and trained to be a priest.
true love back said…
how sweet article..........
good collection of all tests
best post ..........great work
Anonymous said…
I did 6 different tests (different sources and questionnaires) and I always come up as INTJ. I do recognize myself a lot in that personality type but I am a bit surprised as there are only 2% of total pop...?
very good work. Thanx for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I'm an ESFP (laid-back doer)! At first I wasn't so sure but then I read the results and realized how accurate it was.
Thanks for sharing this amazing blog
Thanks for sharing this amazing blog

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