Thursday, October 29, 2009

Enneagram and Myers Briggs on TV Shows

One of the easiest way to apply one's Enneagram and Myers Briggs theoretical knowledge is to study and type the characters on TV shows. Unlike movies which are usually too short to allow for thorough development of its characters' personalities, TV series manage to provide us with consistent examples of many different types which can be observed at length and in a larger number of situations.

A plus for fictional typology is that usually the people who conceive and write out these characters tend to 'lend' their personality types to their creations (to a lesser or greater extent anyway). This is a good thing for typing, because it gives authenticity and coherence to the fictional personalities and thus makes them easier to accurately analyze and pinpoint. Also another great plus can be the fact that more often than not, the actors also share the same personality type (or at least a wing) with the characters they're playing (what are auditions for?), so when this happens the type really stands out beautifully and the role is noticeably well-played.

I suppose at times this 'personality lending' thing does tend to make some shows a bit redundant, because once in a while you'll see many of the characters in one show exhibiting rather similar traits and behaviors (the writing is often done by one person). But nonetheless, exploring various aspects and particularities of one typology is again a good thing for the Enneagram or Myers Briggs aficionados, especially when and if they're having some trouble typing themselves or distinguishing between two similar types.

And although it's true some shows tend to slightly modify their characters' traits in order to better suit the audience's expectations and desires, most of these fictional types maintain a good sense of their original identities.

Here is a list of some TV shows I'm watching and their characters' personality types (only those which I managed to type fairly confidently - the others I'll add after I get a clearer idea). I'm also open to additions so go ahead and use the comment box (or my email) if you have any suggestions.


Jack Bauer - ISTP and 8w9
Chloe O'Brien - INTP and sp/sx 6w5
Renee Walker - ISTJ and sp/soc 1w9 (disintegrating to 4)

American Dad

Stan Smith - ESTJ and soc/sx 3w4
Francine Smith - ESFJ and sx/soc 2w3
Roger - ESFP and sx/soc 4w3

Breaking Bad

Walter White - ENTJ and sp/sx 8w7
Jesse Pinkman - ESFP and soc/sx 7w6
Skyler White - ESTJ and soc/sp 1w2
Hank - ESTP and counter-phobic 6w7

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David - ENTP and sp/soc 6w5
Cheryl David - IxFJ and soc/sx 2w3
Jeff Greene - ESTP and 9w8
Susie Greene - ENTJ and 8w7


Patty Hewes - ENTJ and 8w9 (great example)
Ellen Parsons - INTJ and 3w4


Dexter Morgan - ISTP and sp/sx 5w6 (many say he's INTJ but I don't buy it - he's spontaneous, grounded, has a striking contextual intelligence and an animalistic nature shown in strong physical impulses)
Debra Morgan - ISFP and counter-phobic soc/sx 6w7 (great example)
Harry Morgan - ESTJ and 1w9
Rita Bennett - ISFJ and 2w1
Vince Masuka - ENTP and 7w6
Lt. Maria LaGuerta - ENTJ and soc/sx 3w4
Sgt. Angel Batista - ENFJ and sx/soc 9w8

Family Guy

Peter Griffin - ESTP and 7w8
Lois Griffin - ESFJ and sx/soc 2w3
Meg Griffin - INFP and 4w5
Chris Griffin - ISFP and 9w8
Stewie Griffin - INTJ and sx/sp 6w5
Brian Griffin - INTP and sp/sx 5w4


Ross Geller - ISTJ and phobic sp/soc 6w5
Monica Geller - ESTJ and sp/soc 3w2
Rachel Greene - ESFP and sx/soc 6w7
Phoebe Buffay - ENFP and sx/sp 4w5
Chandler Bing - ENTP and phobic soc/sp 6w7
Joey Tribbiani - ESFP and sx/soc 7w8

The Good Wife

Alicia Florrick - ISTJ and sp/sx 1w9
Will Gardner - ISFP and soc/sx 3w4
Diane Lockhart - INTJ and sx/soc 1w2
Peter Florrick - ENTJ and soc/sx 8w9
Kalinda Sharma - INTJ and counterphobic sx/sp 6w5
Eli Gold - ENTP and sx/soc 3w4
Grace Florrick - ESFJ and sx/soc 9w1
David Lee - ESTJ and sp/soc 8w9

House MD

Dr. Gregory House - ENTP and sx/sp 8w7 (disintegrating to 5)
Dr. Lisa Cuddy - ESTJ and sx/soc 3w4
Dr. James Wilson - INFJ and sx/soc 2w3
Dr. Eric Foreman - INTJ and sp/sx 1w9
Dr. Allison Cameron - INFP and soc/sx 2w1
Dr. Chris Taub - ESTJ and soc/sx 6w7
Dr. Robert Chase - ISTP and sp/sx 3w2
Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley - ISTP and sp/sx 6w5
Dr. Lawrence Kutner - INTP and sp/soc 9w1
Dr. Amber Volakis - ENTJ and soc/sx 8w7
Dr. Jessica Adams - ESFP and sx/soc 3w2
Dr. Chi Park - INTP and sp/soc 5w6

Lie to Me

Cal Lightman - ESTP and sp/sx 8w7
Gillian Foster - INFJ and soc/sx 2w3
Eli Loker - INTP and sp/sx 5w6
Ria Torres - ENTJ and sp/sx 9w8
Emily Lightman - ENFP and soc/sx 7w6

Modern Family

Jay Pritchett - ISTP and sp/soc 9w8
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett - ENFJ and sx/soc 2w3
Claire Dunphy - ESTJ and sp/soc 1w2
Phil Dunphy - ESFP and phobic soc/sx 6w7
Mitchell Pritchett - INTP and 6w5
Cam Tucker - ENFP and soc/sx 2w3
Luke Dunphy - ESTP and 7w8
Haley Dunphy - INTP and 5w4
Alex Dunphy - ESFP and 4w3
Manny Delgado - INFJ and 2w1

The X-files

Fox Mulder - INTP and sp/sx 5w4 (great example)
Dana Scully - IxTJ and soc/sx 5w6
Cigarette Smoking Man - sp/sx INTJ and 5w6
Walter Skinner - ISTJ and sp/soc 6w5
John Dogget - ISTP and sp/sx 8w9
Monica Reyes - ENFP and sx/soc 2w3