PSTypes Enneagram Test

This is a new free Enneagram test I have developed. It has 171 items and it will take you about 20 minutes to complete.

The accuracy of the final version of the test is rather high, considering the data so far. The sample consisted of 198 people that had previously decided on their Enneagram type (of course, all 9 Enneatypes were represented in the sample).

The highest score indicated the correct type in 82,6% of the cases. The main type was among the first two highest scores in 95,6% of the cases, and among the first three in 97,2% of the cases.

I will make updates of the test's accuracy as I gather more data, but I don't expect radical changes to the figures.

Part I: Selection

Check all the traits that you think apply to you:

Part II: Scaling

On a scale from 1 to 5, grade these statements according to how much they characterize you and the way you behave in general.
1. I am a cheerful, enthusiastic person with lots of plans and things to do: I love having fun, trying new things and living life to the full. I’m versatile and epicurean.
Not meExactly me
2. Although I am a selfless and generous person, I can't help feeling disappointed when I receive no appreciation for the support I give.
Not meExactly me
3. I consider myself different from most people and many times I feel envious of their normality and simple happiness. I feel something is always missing from my life and I long for it.
Not meExactly me
4. I'm open-minded and receptive to many ideas and viewpoints, but sometimes I have trouble deciding where I stand on an issue. I am usually flexible but somewhat indecisive.
Not meExactly me
5. I'm a highly-motivated achiever and I know how to adapt myself and my behavior to people and circumstances in order to succeed.
Not meExactly me
6. I have a clear set of standards and principles that I follow and I want others to respect them as much as I do. I can be rather conservative in this respect.
Not meExactly me
7. I have a strong need to acquire knowledge and information about the subjects that interest me – I can isolate myself for hours and days in a row to study and learn.
Not meExactly me
8. My temper is explosive and I often have outbursts of rage although they don't typically last long - I'm impulsive, aggressive and not afraid of open conflict.
Not meExactly me
9. I can be a faultlessly loyal friend, partner and employee – honest, devoted and reliable. I could forgive anything but betrayal, which makes me lose my trust for good.
Not meExactly me
10. I can easily put my feelings aside when I need to – I'm not very in touch with my emotions and I tend to ignore them when they get in the way to my goals.
Not meExactly me
11. I am a curious person with a very active mind - I have loads of ingenious ideas and interests in a wide range of domains, although I don't get to deepen many of them.
Not meExactly me
12. I am organized, punctual and methodical and I feel many things depend on me to solve them – I usually take responsibility to straighten things out without being asked to.
Not meExactly me
13. My emotions are real and important to me, they define who I am and I like to cultivate and express them in unique and unexpected ways.
Not meExactly me
14. I can be quite distrustful of people and skeptical of unproven beliefs – I'm great at reading between the lines, debunking faulty theories and scoping out hidden motivations.
Not meExactly me
15. I'm bothered by feelings and emotions so I detach myself from them – this is why I usually appear cold and overly cerebral to others.
Not meExactly me
16. I'm rather laid-back, easy-going and not very ambitious – I believe things will sort out by themselves. As a consequence I'm sometimes forgetful, procrastinating and unconcerned.
Not meExactly me
17. I enjoy helping others and assisting them with their personal problems – I give other people a lot of my time and energy. Being needed makes me feel loved.
Not meExactly me
18. I believe nothing is impossible, therefore I tend to push myself and others to the limit. I want to leave a mark, do something that will have a real impact in the world.
Not meExactly me
19. I’m often hurt by criticism or harsh remarks and tend to withdraw and sulk about them by myself. It’s easy for me to feel rejected or abandoned because I’m very sensitive.
Not meExactly me
20. It can be hard for me to finish the things I start. I become enthused with new possibilities and tend to forget about following through with my previous commitments.
Not meExactly me
21. I can be very hard on myself when I make a mistake – I strive for perfection and I get angry at myself when I can't reach it. I do the same with other people too.
Not meExactly me
22. My mind is focused and intense and I can be very perceptive and insightful – I become an expert in the fields that I study and trust my intelligence more than anything else.
Not meExactly me
23. I am strong, direct and fearless – I like taking risks and ending up victorious. Failure doesn't scare me, it only makes me more determined.
Not meExactly me
24. I tend to openly show my feelings towards others, either verbally or physically (by touching, hugging) – I come across as sentimental and empathetic.
Not meExactly me
25. I am a rather anxious and nervous person, who tends to worry about a lot of things that might go wrong – from health to finances. I can appear quite fidgety at times.
Not meExactly me
26. My image is very important to me so I am really talented at making a good impression on people and dressing for success on any occasion.
Not meExactly me
27. People tend to feel comfortable around me, because I'm tolerant, unpretentious and dislike conflict. I'm a good mediator because I see all sides of an issue.
Not meExactly me
28. I see most things in terms of moral right and wrong and I won't compromise what I believe is right – I consider myself an upright idealist.
Not meExactly me
29. I value my freedom most of all and I need to have as many options available as possible – I have problems with long-term commitments and being stuck in things.
Not meExactly me
30. People's company can feel draining and invasive after a relatively short while so I tend to isolate myself and avoid too much social contact – I value my privacy.
Not meExactly me
31. Although I'm generally cooperative and open to suggestions, I can sometimes get very stubborn about some things –immutable and resolute in the face of opposition.
Not meExactly me
32. Although I value my independence, I have some people that I trust and admire enormously and whom I’d follow anywhere. When I’m in, I’m in all the way.
Not meExactly me
33. Leadership comes naturally to me – I'm tough, enterprising and pragmatic and know how to get others to do as I say. I can be quite bossy and intimidating.
Not meExactly me
34. I tend to have special and melancholic moods which I enhance through imagination – I lose myself in romantic fantasies and imagine things and conversations that did not happen.
Not meExactly me
35. I'm attracted to rescuing and supporting hurt and troubled individuals, sometimes to the point of neglecting my own needs and even health, on the long term.
Not meExactly me
36. I am very ambitious and tend to be a bit of a workaholic – free time is sometimes awkward to me because I feel aimless and unproductive.
Not meExactly me
37. I can be judgemental and critical of others and tend to consider most people as chaotic and irresponsible, so I might come across as patronizing, rigid or controlling.
Not meExactly me
38. I'm very proud of myself and my accomplishments, so at times I do tend to brag about them a bit and act precious. I suppose I can appear somewhat narcissistic.
Not meExactly me
39. I tend to ask myself a lot of questions and second-guess my decisions, which can make me appear somewhat ambivalent and contradictory.
Not meExactly me
40. I abhor looking weak or vulnerable, so I make sure I'm as independent and powerful as possible. I sometimes take other people under my protection to prove my strength.
Not meExactly me
41. I tend to maintain a neutral approach to life – I am somewhat disconnected from my feelings and wishes. I can appear a bit indifferent, absent but also calm in a crisis.
Not meExactly me
42. I am deeply introspective and fully dedicated to discovering who I really am. I am not afraid of my dark side or my most disturbing emotions.
Not meExactly me
43. Boredom is one the worst things that can happen to me so I avoid being alone for too long. I need lots of friends, adventure and variety.
Not meExactly me
44. I'm a considerate and nurturing friend, although I sometimes do tend to become a little manipulative and meddling. I think I know what’s best for others.
Not meExactly me
45. I’m very curious and like to investigate and study things in depth. I draw my own conclusions after careful consideration and tend to disregard common knowledge and other’s opinions.
Not meExactly me

Part III: Distinction

From each of the pairs below, choose the trait that best describes you. If it is hard to pick, go with your first instinct.

Before you're done ...

Do you already know your Enneagram Type?

I think I'm a or*
(*optional, if confused between 2 types)


Anonymous said…
It has me as 4w3 first and my second high is 7w6. Those are normal outcomes for me. Same outcome as R & H's much longer test that cost $10.
I'm a enfp (low E) 6w7.. I'm moody and swing from needy to independent, reserved to outgoing, thrifty to indulgent, ect ect. 6's are hard to pin down. 6w5s because many are rebels against authority and want tear down hypocrisy.. they are vigilant and reclusive... but can become obsessive and confrontational about interpersonal relationships and or unjust authority figures when in lower health.

Good test though!
Mizmar said…
Wow! I'm really surprised how accurate this test is. As I was taking it, I was expecting the results would be a bit off and that I'd have either Nine or Four in first place. I tried my best to answer the questions as I would if I had no prior knowledge of the ennea-types.

Anyway, my top four scores were:
Five: 47
Four: 40
Nine: 37
Six: 33
Anonymous said…
I think your test tends to type the sx/sp 5w4s as 4w5s.
INTP said…
Yes, I am aware of this bias. I'm trying to fix it.
Mizmar said…
I was afraid I would turn out a 4w5 as well. I have a feeling it was the 3rd part of the test that did the most to readjust what would have otherwise been a 4w5 test result in my case. It was also the most fun part of the test for me.
INTP said…
Mizmar, I had a look at your test results in my database. You scored higher on 5 in all three parts of the test. The distance beween the scores extended more on the 3rd part though.

This 4w5/5w4 issue is noticeable but not prevalent in the test. To be more accurate, out of all declared 5w4s that took the test, 20% got 4w5 and 80% got 5.

I have made several modifications to the items in the meantime, so this issue might have a different (hopefully smaller) percentage now.

As this instrument is still in its beta phase, it's being under perpetual evaluation and change.

What I can tell you up to now, is that on 96% of the cases the test identified the correct type among the first 3 highest scores.

On 91% of the cases it identified it among the first two scores.

And on 77% of the cases, it identified it in the highest score.
Anonymous said…
I'm a 6w5 and have lots of issues with feeling outcast. I'm not what you would call a loyalist but I do value a few people. I've lived alone for most my adult life, been in the military and have worked meaningless jobs to survive. The rejected underdogs are what I most identify with and who I find myself most often defending. I don't see myself as emotional but my temper often belies that.

I scored high on 1, 5 and 9. 6th was my 4th highest.
Anonymous said…
It's a good test. I'd like to congratulate the maker. I like the fact that it mixes several types of questionnaire types. You can adjust your items using principles in psychometrics. It would be nice for you to do that. So many other E-tests are full of crap.

I scored an 8w7. I always score this type. I don't know why, I try my best not to get this stupid E type by answering like I'm sensitive. It never works.

Anyway, if I got the same result as I get on other tests. That's a good sign. Maybe you should be making money out of this and putting in some google ads. You've got potential and I'm sure lots of people would visit your test frequenty. Do it. Build a website and put some ads or make them pay for a full version of your test.
Anonymous said…
I tested as a 4w5, same as on just about every other Enneagram test I've done. There wasn't much in it, though. 4 and 5 scores were almost identical, which is why sometimes I think I could be a 5. My 9 score was very high too.
Katie said…
That was a very, very good test! I think the outcome was a lot closer to reality than most other tests... and it definitely cleared up my wing uncertainty (4w5? 5w4? 5w6??) better than anything else I've found. The 5w4 does fit me.

Anonymous said…
I thought the test the test was really great! The scores matched what I have previously found in other tests.

I usually end up being 1w9. On your test it was a tie between 1w9 and 5w6. I've heard that 1's are commonly mistyped as 5's. Especially 1w9's. Do you think this is possible? I'm confused with my results though...

One: 34
Four: 23
Five: 34
Six: 30
Seven: 27
Nine: 23

I'm all across the board so I'm not sure which way I should interpret my results. Any suggestions? Oh, and I'm also a INTP.
Anonymous said…
I've taken the Enneagram before, and gotten a 6. I read the 6 discription and felt it really applied to myself. this test said i was either a 9w1 or 2w1. I completely disagree. I find these kinds of questions difficult though.
INTP said…
Rachel, given your P preference in Myers Briggs and the high scores for all the types in the Head Triad, I'd say you're more likely a 5 than a 1.

These two types can resemble quite well and might be hard to tell apart, but more often for J types.
INTP said…
"I've taken the Enneagram before, and gotten a 6. I read the 6 discription and felt it really applied to myself. this test said i was either a 9w1 or 2w1. I completely disagree. I find these kinds of questions difficult though."

I appreciate you feedback. Lately I've been changing some items for type 6 and I hope the accuracy of scores will improve for this type as well. It is the only one I'm still having some trouble with.

This is why, I want to ask all Sixes to take this test again if they are willing to. I need to review the accuracy for this type and probably continue to make the necessary adjustments.

waluyo said…
fantastic test, I will coming to test me later
Anonymous said…
I have previously tested as an INTP and 5w4. This test gave me the same enneagram results so at least for me (and probably for you also) it worked.
binary said…
That was interesting. I did expect to come out with a high 5 score, though I was a little surprised to see it is so dominant. And I was definitely surprised to see that 4 and 6 are almost balanced, though I did see that it pegged me as a 5w4, which is what I figured I was.

Top 4:

Five: 56
Four: 32
Six: 31
Nine: 26
Anonymous said…
It typed me as 5w6, which pretty much all tests do, and also picked out the types I'd suspected of completing my tritype (1 and 4) as the strongest of their respective triads. I'm impressed.
Kevin A.K. said…
I scored as a 4w5, which is what test as most often. Good test...

My highest scores are type 4 (58), type 6 (46), type 1 (33), and type 5 (30).

I'm curious about the tritype 4-1-6 and 4-6-1. I know you posted the 1 tritypes a while ago and that 1-4-6 is related to 4-1-6 and 4-6-1. What are some of the differences?
Rodney said…
Thanks so much for taking the time to put this on the web.

For years I was torn between an ennea-type 5 or a type 7, but instinctively felt I was a 7w6 - which your test just said I was.

ENTP on the MBTI (like 30 times since the Duniho/Duniho DOS test came out in 1994, and others), and a Ne-ILE in Socionics typing.

Thanks again, I'll be scouring more of your blog now for interesting stuff!
Ezra said…
I'm an 8w7. I got 50 on Eight, just over half that on One, and a few less points than half on Five. Everything else was very low, which I suspect has to do with my deep-seated understanding of the Enneagram and so it's not even worth me doing tests any more. But I wanted to try this out, and it was good.
Pieter said…
I got 5w4 again. However, the few times I have taken this. Five is always the highest and One is a close second, and Four is third. I am not nearly as versed in enneagram as I am in MBTI though.

As far as MBTI goes, I am an INFJ without a doubt, and my J score is very very high.
Anonymous said…
Good test although sometimes the binary choices were difficult because it depends on the stage of the problem/situation. For example I can be adaptable in many if not most situations but if one of my principles is at stake I am inflexible.

I have been a Type 5, or type 5w4, every time I've taken an enneagram test. Your test was consistent with those results.

I am also consistently an INTP on the Myers-Briggs test.
Anonymous said…
Mmm, it was a good test.

It said that I was a 9w1 but I think I may be more of a 5w4.

My top 3 scores were:

I got 3 for Type One and 0 for Type Eight.
Unknown said…
Wow, great test! i've been trying to figure my type out for years and this test was the first to confirm my final answer: i'm now comfortable with the fact that i'm a 9w1. Nice work.
Von Hase said…
This is the best Enneagram test I've come across. Thank you for creating it. I also have an interest in any correlation between the MBTI and Enneagram.

For reference, I usually test INFJ. Until I took this test, I scored Type 1, 8, and 9 with a smattering of wings 1w9, 9w1, 1w2, 8w9. This was the first time I'd ever tested 4 (4w5) , and had therefore never read the description before. 4w5 was much more accurate than anything I'd ever read.

Thank you for creating a test accurate enough to point me in the right direction.
Tiggy said…
Has me as a 4w5 and I'm a 4w3 but I can see where it got the 5 from - I have a lot of intellectual curiosity and love learning things and reading.

BUT I'm not at all detached, I'm more communicative and outgoing than most 4w5s and into stuff like PR and image, more theatrical and like an audience. I'm an ENFP, but of the less bubbly kind and not fickle. That ties in with the 3 wing.
roshan said…
Absolutely unquestionably the best free online test I've taken (haven't paid for any but have taken tons of free ones the past few days). You got me nailed. I'm a 6 and you are the only one who got it. And you even got the mistypes from the other tests in correct order of reasonableness--
4, 2, 1, 8. I never type 5, 7, or 9. What I have typed is 3, which is absurd. This happens when the results are skewed by questions about the value I place on things like prestige, acclaim, being admired, etc., which is very high, on simpler tests (well, they are all simpler, to their detriment). But I am the last person in the world who could ever be a three (really). And you are the only one who not only weeded out the red herring, but put it at the bottom of the options where it belongs with the 9.

I took the test to find out about the tests, not me. So one thing I'll throw out to you is that RH are completely wrong that a person can't have two wings. I have no idea how they have been able to be completely right in their descriptions of the wings and of their importance and completely wrong in saying that having both is the same as having none, but they are. In fact their denial of the existence of two wings is really stupid. You have me as 6 wing 7, I actually have both wings very strong (buddy/defender as called by RH, which explains a LOT. The w5 they explain is 8'ish, the w7 2'sh, and I am both). Well, anyway, I suspect you may think there is only one possible wing, or anyway only one strong one, so I want to clarfiy that this is not true. Since your test is so good, if this is the case, you may want to tweak it so it can reflect two wings.
Anonymous said…
Surprised at seeing six so high -I always get it last, with four-, not so surprised to see one and three showing their heads there. Low seven, compared to what I usually get. The top result was accurate (8 or 8w7)

Interesting how it mixes different types of questionnaires, and fun to make.
Emmet of Arolis said…
This is an excellent, excellent test. And it was even accurate to what I have always thought of myself, as a 5 with a 4 wing and a certain amount of emphasis on both 9 and 1.
Anonymous said…
huh. I kept getting the error, then clicked back, then re-submit. Several errors, but it eventually worked.

My top five scores were:
Nine: 54
Five: 50
Six, Seven: 31
Four: 30

I have no idea how to interpret, as I've only heard of the Enneagram, but never taken or read much about it.
Anonymous said…
I'm a total noob at this Enneagram thing but it nailed me pretty much flat-out.
Anonymous said…
I just completed it but upon submitting I was directed to a blank page.
Anonymous said…
I don't understand how I can't get my results. Blank page :(. Maybe it's the browser, let's try again ¬¬
NingenExp said…
For me it's not working and I want to know the results badly enough to make a tantrum about it.
INTP said…
NingenExp, I've checked the problem you mentioned and the test is working fine. I use Google Chrome. But it works on all other browser as well. Perhaps it was a temporary problem due to some server difficulties. Please let me know if you're having any other issues.
NingenExp said…
I have tried it in different computers (and in Chrome, Firefox, IE and even Opera) and I got the same blank results. Do you think it has something to do with IP address? I'm from MEX btw.
INTP said…
Yes indeed there are some issues with the test form. I have checked everything (database connection, IP, server etc.) and the problem is somewhere in the code on the Blogger post, it's not sending the parameters correctly.

I haven't changed anything in the code in years so I'm assuming it might have that changed something?

I'm looking into it, sorry for the inconvenience.
NingenExp said…
Thanks! It perfectly works. I think the test was great. My scores were:

Five - 51
Nine - 40
Six - 32
One - 26
Seven - 21
Four - 17
Three - 14
Two - 10
Eight - 2

Wow! Surprising, but not really. I think I am 6w5 (tritype 641). IME, 1-fixed 6s are more grounded and also feel they have a huge 5-wing. The 9 doesn't surprise me either. I'm also conflict avoidant.

Again, thanks for solving the problem. I was curious about the result I was going to get here.
Anonymous said…
I got 6w5, which although I didn't enter it on the form was the type I self-diagnosed myself with. Thanks for a great test! :-D
Unknown said…
I scored as 7w6. So surprising! I am quit sure my husband is 6, and I am wondering if the fact being together for 20 years and me being so inspired by his behaviour can have some influence. I would guess myself spontaneously more 7w8 or 2w1.
I loved your test and I will recommend it to my student. I am yoga teacher and I find it very interesting to see the type for more specific yoga practice.
Jessica Moore said…
Great test, thank you. I am still in a battle between 5-4-9 and 4-5-9, it's always so close. I tend to lean to the 5w4, but am open to being the 4w5. Kind of.

If I am the 5, I agree with an older comment that your test can make sexual 5s get high 4 scores. I felt that way when I was taking the tests and upon reviewing the scores. But no great matter. Thanks again!

I think my 5, since I'm the unorganized and dreamy 5-4-9, tends to show up in the 7 & 4 columns quite a bit.
LyleTe said…
Interesting test, it certainly picked the right area but my scores were very close...

Type One: 40
Type Two: 14
Type Three: 19
Type Four: 28
Type Five: 48
Type Six: 38
Type Seven: 5
Type Eight: 19
Type Nine: 40

I'm fairly sure I'm an INTJ or ISTJ in MBTI and I thought I was either 1w9 or 5w4. Your test said 5w6 but 1w9 is fairly close. Thoughts?
Komatik said…
The Scaling questions are infuriating - most of them I agree with one half (ie. I like to do something, but the motivations are whatever, or I feel like I agree with the sentiment, but not the actions. Things like:

"I'm rather laid-back, easy-going and not very ambitious – I believe things will sort out by themselves." drive me nuts. Yeah, laid-back, not super ambitious, but things sure won't fix themselves until someone gets arsed to fix them.

"I enjoy helping others and assisting them with their personal problems – I give other people a lot of my time and energy. Being needed makes me feel loved." Or this - the action, sure, I like helping people, but I don't really resonate at all with the second part.

"I believe nothing is impossible, therefore I tend to push myself and others to the limit. I want to leave a mark, do something that will have a real impact in the world."

Hell yes there are impossible things in the world. Doesn't mean I don't want to leave a mark and do something that has real impact.

Would be much better if it was action - list of possible motivations.
Dawn said…
Thank you very much for this helpful test! I have been wondering whether my Core Type is Four or Nine and I think I have come to the conclusion that I am a Four; a 4-9-5.
Unknown said…
The Distribution of Your Scores

Type One:

Type Two:

Type Three:

Type Four:

Type Five:

Type Six:

Type Seven:

Type Eight:

Type Nine:


Your probable Enneagram Type
Your main type is 5.
Considering the wings you should be a 5w6.

Proud of that !
Michelle said…
This is a really good list of questions. Thank you for posting this.
uauizaui said…
This test is really good!!
I thought I was 4w5 before taking this test, but somehow it wasn't me. After taking this test I got 5w6 which describes me!
Unknown said…
Top 3 scores:

5: 49
4: 47
7: 47
The rest were in the 20s or 10s

Been identified as a 5w4,4,8 tritype but the 7 always seemed more like me than the 8... Maybe the Fauvre's were wrong, and their basis of tritypes is faulty. Maybe I'm a 547 tritype
Unknown said…
Thanks for this test ! Really helpful, it was not too long but it was long enough and satifying, seems like a 593 after all. And the wings seems quite accurate. I was hesitating if I was 594 or 593 but didn't relate too much to the 594 descriptions, also I am a 5w6 and not 5w4,4 is my third least ranked type so obviously impossible ;)
Anonymous said…
I am an ISTJ. I got 4w5. Thank you for the test.
Raul said…
Wow... really great test... nicely executed.
For me, it provided much more useful personal-stance typing than any other enneagram quiz I've taken. It's much more actionable than the Meyers-Briggs perspective. To me it indicates fluidity and ability to shift one's personality assemblage point. We are not stuck, although we seem to have an assigned bias.
Thank you for helping.
Crellin Crew said…
Great test! 3w2 for me is spot on!
Bard Judith said…
I'm an INFJ / INFP (51/49% kind of distinction on most tests, but identify with the J more strongly). I'm new to the concept of the Enneagram and so have taken a number of online tests and done some reading in the last day or so.

Your test identified me as a 4w5, which was the conclusion I came to DESPITE the free online tests tending to strongly favour a 1 type reading (but 2 and 9 getting almost null readings...what's up with that?). The personality type fits much more accurately; the interactions, fears, stress and security lines, and even romantic partners are all spot on when I check the 4w5 interpretations.

So this is to say thank you, and I'm 'sold' on your accuracy. Would like to see this come up much higher in Google search results for free enneagram tests. Bravo!
c.Inka said…
I can be 2 or 4 or 9 but i also had a lot 5. I am an INFP-t (almost E and a, high N and F)2w1 is kinda close but im not really self-sacrificing.I think the best is 4w3, but im never looking for revange, in fact i think there is nothing i hate more than that. ANy ideas what type can i be?
Tzurok said…
Was currious about it(i kind of already know my type) , took it , got 5w6 wich isn't totally incorect but it is my integration not my base (that would be 7w6).
9w1 said…
this was really good! i found the questions easier than usual for me to answer as someone who couldnt really figure out my enneagram/mbti/other types from tests because i didnt really know if i was answering for who i really am or not.. anyways thanks for this! one thing i will say is that for some questions i wasnt sure how to answer really because id agree with the first part of an answer and then suddenly disagree with the bit added on so i wasnt sure whether to put agree or disagree or in the middle (as i didnt want it to seem like i agreed/disagreed/only partially agreed with all of it if that makes sense) but i managed it in the end :)
Anonymous said…
Great test, thanks for making it! I got four as the highest, then five, then six, then one, which corresponds to what I thought beforehand (4w5, tritype 461, possibly 416). Thanks again, the section where you had to pick a pair of adjectives from two pairs was super interesting.
Anonymous said…
What does it mean to be 4w5?

And I know why it chose 4 because it was the highest number, but why did it pick 5 if it wasn't the nest highest number? If It went in highest to least I'd be 4w9, is that even a thing?
Anonymous said…
What does it mean to be 4w5?

And I know why it chose 4 because it was the highest number, but why did it pick 5 if it wasn't the nest highest number? If It went in highest to least I'd be 4w9, is that even a thing?
Shannon said…
Looks like it's been a long time since someone commented here. Not sure why. This is a good, free quiz! Of course, as in all assessments, the accuracy of the results is dependent upon the self-awareness of the taker. I scored as a 1w2, which is my correct type. My next highest score was for a 6 which is where all Enneagram assessments place me. (I actually thought I was a 6w5 for the first few months of learning about the Enneagram.) Thank you for creating and sharing this assessment!
Byron said…
Thanks very much for this, a very good mixture of binary choices and gradient choices.
Accurate result too, I got 5w4 which resonates strongly with me.
I'm a bit late to the party by the looks of things but thanks anyway!
Not2bforgot10 said…
I test 8,7,1 — 8w7, and My Enneagram tests ENTJ, followed by ENFJ.
mosquitosoup said…
I'm a 9w1, and it got mine exactly right! :-) according to this, my tritype is 946 (i was stuck between 2 and 4 in the heart center, but i think this is right). I had previously mistyped myself as a four and a six too. Great test, thank you so much.
Jo said…
Quite accurate! I almost always type as a 2w1, but also in some cases an 8. I would love to know more about why that's the case.

Top: Type 2 (57), Type 1 (36), Type 6 & 8 (33)
Unknown said…
I got 6w5, though my ankle for 4 and 5 were the same. I'm wondering why it chose 5? Looking at the descriptions, it's spot on for me. I'm simply curious.
Unknown said…
I had fun on this test! The results were just like i expected, but helped me clarify my type more! Anyway these are my scores

One: 2
Two: 25
Three: 12
Four: 36
Five: 39
Six: 38
Seven: 40
Eight: 0
Nine: 32

It says my main type is 7, and my subtype is 7w6. As expected, i absolutely do not have any type 8 characteristics (lol). What i didnt expect was the fairly high number of my 2 type.

Also, is it possible for and infp to be a 7w6?Just curious
Angela said…
Thanks to this test I finally feel like the results are accurate. I'm a 7w6. One thing that does not seem accurate is, I do get bored with things easily, but I am loyal to a fault. I did not pick up on this personality trait in the Pathfinder description. Any thoughts or insight would be helpful as I am new to the ennegram. I am an INFP on MB and a higher minded Scorpio if that helps. TY

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